Sunday, 27 November 2011

Our Build is like an Advent Calendar- tiling almost completed.

The splashback, feature tile, ceasar bench and the laminate ALL TOGETHER. Looks much better as a whole.

The feature on the kitchen splashback. This is like a crystal salt texture. Obviously it needs a good clean.

The laundry. Not much else to go in here. We are getting a Robinhood ironing Centre but it will be installed later.

The ensuite showing our feature tile wall. We cannot wait to see this cleaned up. There is a bit of grout and crap in the pearly feature parts so we hope it comes off. They look so pretty when the light hits them. Just need lights.
There has been plenty of tiling and painting going on over the past week. The tilers have completed the  ensuite, laundry, downstairs WC and upstairs WC. The bathroom is yet to be finished with just a few more wall tiles around the shower and the niche PLUS the bath surrounds. Last post Mum was "freaking" about the colour choice for the kitchen. She says it just didnt look right!! That is because it needed the tiled splashback to set it off!. There was a very happy Mum and hence a very happy Dad this week once the splashback was completed. It is still dusty but the general consensus is that it looks GREAT. We may be a bit one eyed Haha. Mum and Dad have missed their calling and are questioning their professions after the tiling results. Just kidding!. The splashback has definitely tied the browns in the bench top so it all blends in.

The fancy tiles in the ensuite looks superb and Dad has a big grin after seeing these. Our neutral floors and walls look nice and tidy. We chose the same floor tile for the niche to reduce the grout and it looking too busy. Pretty sure that the girls and Dad will have the niches so full of shampoo, shower gels and scrubs that you probably will never see the tiles anyway!! One of the benefits of Mum and her Body Shop products!!

The main bathroom. Still needs tiling to be finished. Looking good. Below are the feature tiles again.....just in case you missed how much we like them!!

 So what else has happened?  The laundry tub was installed, all of the woodwork and ceilngs have been painted and completed. The walls have been gone over wherever there was a defective pencil mark detailing an imperfection and the understairs has been fit out with timber and gyprock too. The sparky has been back cutting out holes for the switches. The back fence has been installed too. Thanks to Phil and Bel. That is one thing less to worry about- well only the other two sides to go.

Not sure what comes next? But know that we still need:
  • carpet
  • floor tiles
  • wall painting
  • architraves around the floor
  • taps
  • lights
  • shower screens/mirrors
  • toilets
  • rails and appliances.. then it will be finished?

The stair area with teh first coat of paint on the walls.

The main bathroom. Tiles to bath then we can check it off the list.
Or we may have left a few things off there but who is counting.

The build is like an Advent Calendar now. Hoping that as of December the first we can start the countdown to christmas and the big move.

We have started packing. It is not a pretty sight either. Cannot wait to hear how long before we can get our keys???
To our fellow Blogger Friends. We cannot make comments on anyone elses posts anymore. It is not letting us log in. So we are still watching your posts, but cannot comment on them.
Looking forward to Skypies and Phil and Bels  PCI  dates. Hoping that Nat and Ash settle in soon too. Hopes that the rain stays away so that all the new builds can progress further.
There are too many to list but love seeing who is up to where..and how far we are off your PCI. loving the progress on those after they have moved in too Thigee and Ben!!  :p
Over and out!


  1. Thanks guys! Good luck with your finishing touches, its looking great!!!!

  2. Your house is shaping up great! did you have high ceilings like in display home?