Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The end is almost near!! Are you green with envy??

Well we have been given a date today. PCI is next Wednesday with the promise of the keys the following Wednesday 21 December. so exciting yet so daunting so close to the feral season!

So what has occurred since our last post?

The floors downstairs have bee tiled throughout and they look great. They tie the kitchen colours in well.

The tiling before grout plus the paintwork.
The walls and woodwork have all been painted the chosen colour. They look peretty plain but clean and crisp. Ready waiting for some furniture to cover them up! They are a light grey colour with teh white woodwork. All of the electricals have been installed. The downlights (which are all silver so different to the white we expected. They look more expensive too hahaha. The light switches are big with large switch parts which at first was weird to look at. But they are now growing on me and must be a modern selection. We like!!!

There has also been some disease swoop thru the house. Nearly every wall has a coloured piece of sticky tap stuck to it!. We didnt know what all of this was. On closer inspection we now know that these are all of the defaults that the SS has picked up. We were very shocked at how many, but after looking at the smallest tiniest imperfections we are rapt at what is being picked up. Tiny flecks in gyprock, drips in paintwork, dents in woodwork etc.

Since our last post we have had a change of SS. Dad got to meet the new one on monday for a walkthrough. He is very happy with the new guy and he was very helpful answering questions and providing input. He actually spoke too and showed Dad around which was different to the last inspection at the house.

The bathrooms have been finished, the toilets and tastics installed and wardrobe inserts too. There are a few tiling joins that need to be sealed throughoutthe house to provide a neat finish. We are very happy with our colour selections  and just hope that our furniture fits in with the decor as we do not have any money left to buy new stuff except a long awaited leather lounge.

after grouting but befor ea cleanup. Mum is desperate for a CLEAN UP!.

As you know we have gone all out and are getting a pool. We sign the contracts for that tomorrow. We were really hoping to have that up and running by Australia Day, but it is cutting it fine now. shame that we could not get it in before the build when it would have been much easier. We did not know how much over the build would go so we did not wish to over commit!. Turns out Alkira were able to give us great quality and inclusions sowe did not have to splurge much more than the original quoted price. The pool and its build will take up a whole new blog I think. Mum has grand plans and Dad just wants to get wet. The kids want the pool more than the house.

The front portico closer up.

So the highlight of the last week has been the painting of the front portico. It is now it's infamous "Alligator Alley" Green. mum wanted to make a statement and it sure does!. not quite sure on the statement but it is very loud. Dad has stopped laughing and the kids think it looks tops! it does stand out but once the landscaping is in., it will be a great feature.

It is definitely different!!

We are getting quotes for the driveway and just deciding on the shape has been a task in itself. Dad spoke to teh Ponds review panel to discuss if they needed an amended plan with the pool on it now? They said yes (of course) and explained that the driveway we planned plus the extra paving in the pool area now put us over our hard surface quote. Soo we had to reduce it again. We unfortunately or fortunately (We love trees0 have two street trees. one in the road and one on the nature strip. They both affect where we want to put the driveway. The other side of the driveway on the boundary has the water metre. so trying to get a decent shape and size has been difficulat. Oh well, witha double garage finally....we can park the cars in there and not in the driveway anymore anyway.
Over and out!

Boring!! hahaha
 PS I can no longer even comment on OUR BLOG!!!. When I try to sign in to leave commenets it says that my account does not allow it. Any advice would be grateful to rectify as I would love to comment on your builds.

PPS Pravan- yes we do have high ceilings down stairs throughout.It certainly makes it feel airy.Well worth the extra cost!

PPPS The Alkira Kennedy Display home on Fyfe road is up for sale. Check it out!

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  1. Wow... I'm so thrilled for you. It's all coming together... finally :)

    We can't wait to be neighbours. Great news about the pool. Phil is thinking of getting a gate installed in the back fence..... to ensure that your pool gets maximum use.

    In all honesty, it sounds fantastic.