Sunday, 1 April 2012

The pool is in!! Now we can plan the landscaping!!

I need lawn now!! I am so over sweeping, mopping and scrubbing dirt out of the tile grout!.
the start of the digging process

The pool went in last week and we all swam in it a week later. Fibreglass was definitely the way to go for that fast turn around!
We had to get the pool craned over the top of our home which was quite spectacular to watch.
No it is not Mary Poppins, it is our pool!!
Here are some photos.

Steady goes! The pool looked a lot bigger than the hole but it was a perfect fit!
We have just been so busy with sport, work and socialising that updating the blog has just been put to the side so often.

We had major dramas with our phone connection and internet connection which added to the fact that no internet meant no blogging. Anyway, we are finally connected......HOORAY.Telstra was the only provider that could give us internet reception and phone connection. Since then optus works pretty well too. As for mobiles our house is in a black hole, We have absolutely no mobile coverage once we are home. Thank goodness for the telstra work mobile. Mum has lost some bodyshop business with the bad coverage. As she drives to work each day she receives all her texts and messages as she hits Quakers Hill. Not happy jan.

We are getting quotes for the pool paving and have selected travertine pavers for outr finish. We had intended to get glass fencing but with style of the temporary fencing we have decided to go black flat top. I think after seeing all of the dust and dirt that is just forming on our glass outdoor table....Mum would end up in a home if she had to battle keeping the pool fence clean too...hahahaha

More photos from phone to come soon. Just cannot do these from home with the Vodaphone connection...switching providers on Wednesday.