Friday, 18 November 2011

Benchtops are in!

Our ceasarstone benchtops have been installed in the bathrooms and kitchen. Mum is wrapped with the bathroom choices...subtle and neutral but still a bit of spark! The bathtub has been 'mounted' if that is the word, maybe set is better. it is on its cement base and is standing there in all its glory, naked! It has been like that for nearly two weeks. It looks so lonely without tiles and taps!
Our Naked bath! But the vanity has hooked up with basin and benchtop!

Just wanted to show how dirty the garage door is! This should be in with the last post but the uploading of photos was taking too long last  time.

 The basins for the bathrooms have also been set onto the ceasar benchtops and they look tops!. They are very 'fancy' and we are happy that we had these as an included upgrade as they will give our neutral colour choice some interest!

Love the benchtop. love the laminate..not sure if We love them together! See D3 ourown personal key access to a "locked up house?"

Now the kitchen benchtop is another story! Mum has freaked out a bit because the "linen" benchtop seems so much darker than the 10cm piece of sample that we got to look at in the shop! It is so amazing how differnt it looks in a large slab. However, there are no mistakes......the more of it there is the darker it appears. The same as when you choose paint from a little card then paint the whole room and it is instantly darker or brighter!! Anyhow, Dad has told mum to 'chill out' and wait for the tiled splashback to be installed as it will again change the colour scheme.Dad is so calm! When the kitchen was installed Mum and Dad were doing high fives as the "fancy laminate" and white cupboards looked so great together. Clean and bright with the silver kick board plinth. The benchtop has now changed the tones from crisp white and greys to more brown tones...and the splashback tiles will definitely bring more brown tones to the kitchen. It is a surprise as to what it will all look like in the end which is part and parcel with building a new house. It is both exciting and daunting.

So we have been locked out! But for some reason they always leave a particular window open. D2 had been designated door unlocker for the past week, until D3 realised it looked like fun being put through the window to open the door for us! Dad definitely prefers lifting the 4 year old through rather than the 9 year old for this important job! Reminds me of a Brady Bunch episode about how important it is to have smaller people and bigger people hahaha...showing our age now!

The alfresco area painted. It looks so clean and neat.
So since our site inspection with the SS (who said that he was hoping to get the tilers in next) we have had no tiling undertaken yet BUT we have had painters working hard doing the externals, ceilings and wall undercoat. The ceilings looks completed and the electrician has been back to cut out all of the holes for the lights, fans, powerpoints and downlights. The undercoat on the walls is the same colour as our chosen colour and it looks fresh and clean. Our old house was the famous "Hog Bristle" which is apparently the most popular paint choice. So we mixed it up ever so slightly and went for a grey tone rather than the brown tone..which now looks like it is going to catch the grey in the kitchen? Mum must have been channelling brown and grey!

The painters have been very busy, but boy they are messy! They have dribbled paint all over the cupboards, laminate, polyurethene, bricks, garage door, floor and in teh kitchen caracass! Their cutting in around the windows is pretty average as they have got paint all over the glass too. Yet the paintwork on the trims is great with hardly a brush stroke showing . They are just messy we think.This is where Dad has his 'freak outs'! Mum says don't worry, if it is stil there at handover then he can say something about it. It does not make sense though why they would create so much extra work for them selves later???

The externals of the house look fantastic. The alfresco ceiling has been painted and so have the fascias, eaves and panelling. The colours look clean and bright and make the house look finished! The last external that has still not been painted is the front rendered portico. this is the part that Mum wants in her Alligator Green colour. Dad thinks that the painters are waiting to see if it is a joke or not?? Haha Funny!!

That is all for now. So busy at this time of year! Hopefully the tiles will be delivered soon so that the tiling can commence. This is the part that Mum is waiting for to confirm that hetr colour choices are ok!
Over and out!
The house is coming along. Just needs a lick of green paint on the front to make it stand out a bit!

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  1. It's looking fantastic. The back fence looks great too. Can't wait for us all to move in :)