Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The palace entrance ways- check!

Well since we last updated, the house has been coming along. We had our garage door installed which looks super in “Classic Cedar”. So glad we went with this choice. We love the timber look but not the maintenance that goes with it! So this ticks all of the boxes. Dad went to a place out in Blacktown about 5 times to see the colour samples. The lady was really helpful telling him all of the addresses that had the certain coloured garage doors so we could compare colours!

The front door stain. It still needs to be laquered.

The front door has since been stained. Our request to Alkira was that it had to be the same colour as the garage door. We have seen a lot of timber look garages with miss- matched front doors and we wanted ours to be a perfect match. So the result……?? It looks similar, but we are not quite sure. The garage door is so dusty at the moment it looks white and the front door is so clean and fresh it looks a lot darker. So we will have to let you know more after a good clean.

See how bright the front door looks compared to the garage door in the back ground. However, the garage is filthy covered in gyprock dust!.

Mum wants to clean up the house to see the colours. Dad wants to clean the yard to see the slope and how much fill is left around. The countdown is on. We have been looking at driveways for weeks now to try and decide on the shape and colour.

So we are locked out now! With all doors and windows installed and locked!  As long as they keep progressing the way they have been the last few weeks we will hopefully be in by Christmas 2011!

Do we do an extended width to the front door? Do we do a separate pathway from the street to the door? (A bit complicated when you have two trees on your front nature strip in line with the front door).Do we stencil? Should we go plain? Colour?? Oh no ! Decisions, decisions. So the walks around The Ponds will continue so we can see what everyone else is doing and what we like the best that will work for us.

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