Sunday, 19 June 2011

When Dirt Can Hurt!!

Well last week we had our Builder contact us to say that the piering was meant to start last week but it was just too wet!!! We wanted it to start so badly... but totally understood! On the good side all soccer was cancelled on the weekend. (YAY) so wew were able to shoot up the Coast for some R & R! Well we are renovating up there only r & r (not with capitals).
On Friday morning the builder said that we would have our peiring start on Monday and could someone be on site to see how much "damage''  (our words not theirs) there will be in regards to extra peiring if required. The neighbours behind us unfortuneately have been set back an extra heap of money as they required extra piering and the higher H class slab. We made our builder include the upgraded H in out tender so that if we did need it, it would not be a surprise later (it meant we still pay it but mentally we are not surprised by it!!!) Yes we have warped minds...kind of like tricking children or that bad pizza joke...
" the pizza man asks the customer how many slices they want their pizza cut into, 6 or 8? They reply 6 as they are on a diet and could not eat 8!"
Boom Boom!?
So if we didn't need it then it would be a credit back to us to spend on something else!!  Anyway that is not gunna happen as we need the H class slab, but Monday will reveal if we need extra piering????

The neighbour did because they say that they are close to the creek and building a large double storey. Well we are one house back from them and the creek and building a double storey (although ours is smaller).
So fingers crossed.

this is our coatal house after some renos...we still call it the pink house!

This is the pink house when it was PINK!!! Like the changes/

The removed dirt...any takers??

When we got back from the coast we went out to the block on Sunday afternoon so we could take some photos for our BEFORE portfolia....and boy did we get a surprise.
Our block has been cleared and levelled and set out! Not sure on the technical lingo but there has definitely been some DIRT moved!!
So tomorrow the piering will occur....and we will be dancing 'cause we have started and maybe mourning because our pockets may be stripped just that bit more....

The leveled you know which portaloo we have the red one ..the colour of LOVE!!

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  1. Caz, we were over at our house around 3pm. Met Phil from behind your house and he said to tell you that their slab was done and the same concretors are doing your slab tomorrow. Did notice that pile of soil. I was there on Friday morning when they excavated your block. Good luck for tomorrow.