Tuesday, 21 June 2011

From the Mouths of Babes!

An entry by the kids.
I let the girls have free reign to prepare an entry. They interviewed their youngest sister too. Here is their view which is more like an “I want” entry!!

D1 is nearly 11.
I’m looking forward to having a new house especially a 2 storey, because we haven’t had a 2 storey house before and all of our friends have one. It’s so EXCITING.

The park which is only 200 m down the road with a 3km bike trail.
We are always asking when it will be finished because it is taking too long to do, the answer is always in a few weeks. Then when the weeks are over it is still not ready because its winter and the builders can’t work in the rain.

I’m hoping we can get a pool in the back yard and a television up stairs (it has to be a big one). I am so excited to be having a new and beautiful room of my own.

I hated looking at the houses it was boring! :P
I want to do all of the decorating. Mum says I can help choose colours and furniture but she has the last say.

D2 is almost 9
it was sad to leave our old house
I’m looking forward to our new house so much but so far the builders can’t start now with mud all on our block. I hope we will have a big back yard so we can have a pool, veranda and a nice space for our dogs. We are having a 2 story house and we have never had 1 so were looking forward to that. My sisters and I had wanted one for a long time and now we are finally going to get what we wanted. Now we can stop telling Mum and Dad if that we want a double story one. We are having a brick called Earth and it is a type of brownish colour and there will be a green out at the front porch. There will be all different colours inside the house. We all didn’t want to leave our old house and when we left we said our good byes and left then a few days later. I miss the old house. We got over it. Now it’s so close to moving we are re getting happier and happier. We will soon have a beautiful new house and a new room each 2 our self. Dads says I need to practice cleaning my room. He is funny. Real funny Dad.
It was not exciting looking at the houses but it was better than looking at the bricks that was really boring.

The cubby which was built so well we could not take it with us!
D3 turns 4 next week.
I miss my cubby house it was my favourite I want a cubby with a rainbow inside and some clouds on the outside. I want a purple room and butterfly wings on the wall. I miss my new house (she means the old one but keeps calling it the new one) I helped Dad take photos of the machine that made all of the mud that came out when it went in the holes yesterday (she watched the piering being undertaken yesterday- these were her exact words).
I like zu zu pets and I like my trampoline.


  1. too cute, remember we babysit across the road from you if ever you need it. Love to get the kids point of view, they're always so honest.

  2. Love the kids comments!!! Hilarious and innocent! gotta love them :)