Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I love you..porta loo!

Well I was absolutely beside myself with excitement because a temporary fence (TF) was placed around around our block!! Having worked in the construction industry for many years I normally have T.F installed when something is being demolished...or it has been vandalised...which is quite common in my field of work :-0.
So, when I drove past one night and saw the fence I was quick to take some dodgey photos on my phone to start bragging about our great advancement!! That was nearly two weeks ago now! :-(

Then last week on another drive by hubby had some super news..."there had been more activity"! Have they leveled the block? no!...Have they started piering? no...Have they moved any soil? what is all of the excitement?? WE HAVE A PORTA LOO.
Well if you thought that we were excited with the fence I was clappy happy with a dunny!! I mean a loo is serious stuff, it means the builders have all of their priorities in place and are getting ready to take action.

We drove past again on the weekend in between the 8 games of soccer catch up games that our family had to cram into the long weekend. Thank you Blacktown District Soccer Football Association for spoiling our only chance to get a sleep in or rest during the Queens Birthday!

And there was NUTHIN! There were no changes to the scenery at all...except that the grass is an extra inch taller...I like nature.

Then came the rain... and some more rain......

Today there has been some more "advancements" as Hubby calls we do not have two porta loos on the site...that would be too greedy..we now have silt hopefully there will be some digging happening soon!
So no soil (or should I call it MUD) has been moved YET!!

Guess which one is ours??

So over and out till the next installment.The kids are keen to add a post so watch out for their view on building a house...or talk of building a house as D3 doesn't quite get it!! She wants to just move into the already has features and toys in her room that she likes! :-0

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  1. Hey a portaloo is a sign of progress, every step in the right direction is most welcome. When this rain stops you should see some further progress. Fingers crossed. BTW, I'm with your daughter. I'd like to move into the show home too.