Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Bricks-or Building Blocks..very important!

We dragged the three girls all over the countryside looking at bricks!! They hated it and moaned everytime. Mum/Dad: "Do you like this brick?"..daughters reply:  "if I say yes can we go?"
After various visits to various places we narrowed our selections down to a few choices from Austral and PGH. Austral was probably up there in the choice stakes due to their playground at the display we always got to do a few laps there before the kids complained.Here are some shots of our girls having a ball at the brick places...NOT!

We loved Blue Rio, Bowral Blue and Symmetry Earth which of course were not in our allowed selections. The quote to use Blue Rio came in at over $13,000 extra so it was quickly wiped from the list.
The Flushcombe Road entrance (near the library) of Westpoint Shopping Centre at Blacktown has Blue Rio bricks but it has been graffitti coated and has lost it's flair". They remind me of my grandmothers house that was in Northmead. They knocked her house down and built the Power House on Briens Rd (now Dick Smiths). It was very ironic as her maiden name was Power.  Anyhow, enough of the history lesson....So Earth it is!!
Above are a couple of our choices.... EARTH just happens to be on the display house of the OUR HOUSE too so everytime we go there now we run our hands over the brick and pat each other on the back because we like them so much. They are a brown brick with an almost flat colour. There are no flecks but they do vary in colour. They are solid and look like they are made from brown clay straight out of the ground.From the EARTH!


  1. Caz, I like your brick choice.

  2. I like your brick choice too! and it just so happen that it's our choice as well. :)

    We are going to have two house with the same color brick on the street.