Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bricking Completed! What is next?

This week was full steam ahead! We had piles of bricks delivered and tradies were working everyday this week. They were troopers!! Dad drove past today and thought that today looked like it would be completion day!Confirmation was in an email when Mum and Dad got home from work this afternoon.
Invoice for bricking received via email! How is that for efficiency? Thank goodness for that trusty invoice otherwise we would have no idea what was happening with our build! Lucky we are local and not living interstate as the communication is just not happening, so the drive bys are keeping us in the loop as well as messages and updates from our lovely neighbours!

We will have to make contact soon though as we have not done our electrical plan yet! There may even be a conversation and an update?

D1 and D2 have been talking about how they want to be builders and designers and that "they know" how to build a house ..and "they know" that the eaves and tiles are coming soon!! and that "they know" what eaves are?? I think Mum and Dad must be talking about it too often!! We think that is great that they are taking an interest. if you mention driving past now they get excited as they can see it all progressing. Whereas before they would slump in their seats and ask "do we have to"? They are getting up to speed on the lingo and are pointing out other houses and commenting on their stages and colour choices.

We are renting from Family members at the moment and still living out of boxes as there was too much to unpack and repack. So basically we are not really settled..or don't feel like we are! Our rental is affectionately referred to by us as "the Dump". Mainly beacuse it has boxes and furniture stored in every room. Lets just say that the house we are in is not ticking all of the boxes mainly due to size and so every minute delaying our build is just keeping us in limbo for longer! We only have one bathroom, which proves very chaotic with 4 girls and hairdos each morning around the mirror. We think that may be why Dad is losing his hair and Mum's is turning greyer.There are major renovations going on here and it is adding fuel to the "hurry up and build our new house" fire!!

This is the "fancy' bathroom the 5 of us are sharing at the do you see why we need the builders to hurry up?
 So it may be coming across that we are not happy with our build but we are ..we just wish there was more communication so we could be more appreciative of each stage of building and its expected timeframe. Then we would know what to expect rather than just comparing our build to the others going on in the neighbourhood. There is another two storey house close by that had their frames go up after our bricks had started. They are finished bricking now as they had about 8 brick layers each day!! Yet we had 3, 4 tops! But we think that the supply of bricks may have been a problem...but that is just a guess?

Dreaming of this times two and a half!!

We got our free plants from Council FreePlant Giveaway last Saturday and saw lots of other Pondsies getting theirs too. On a drive around on Saturday afternoon there were many people out planting their plants too.

We have a busy weekend ahead! Friday Mum has a Body Shop Party, and is working on Saturday. Dad is taking the girls to Hawkesbury Races for a Fun day out with Family and Friends. Hawkesbury Races is a fantastic relaxing day for the family and you do not even have to be interested in the races! What a great way to enjoy the start of Spring!

Sunday is Mums Soccer Grandfinal, D1's 11th Birthday and Fathers Day.

So Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads!!!!

This Dad has three wishes:
* a new tiled roof
* a well behaved 11 year old who does everything he says from now on!!!
*a soccer grandfinal win for his wife (happy wife....happy life!)

Over and out!


  1. Lol, love your post. The kids will be experts soon.

  2. Hi Carolyn , your bricks are being cleaned this morning. Looking good.

  3. That is great news! Thanks Thigee We will have to do a drive by later! I wonder when the roof will start? I thought that was meant to go onfirst? long as we are PROGRESSING! :)