Tuesday, 6 September 2011

If there's time for Leaning there is time for Cleaning!

Apologies for the corny quote...just watched Packed to the Rafters!
The back view of the finished bricking. Cladding will go above the alfresco. Just need roof tiles to set it off!!!!

The top storey bricked

Received an email this morning from our lovely neighbours to say that our bricks were being cleaned! How exciting...especially as we don't have any roof tiles, fascia, gutters or eaves. Everyone else seemed to get those first then their bricks cleaned.We are definitely not complaining as it means that something is still happening on site and the build is progressing! Hooray!

Mum and Dad both visit the house after work and noticed that the majority of the top storey has been cleaned and some of the bottom. We LOVE our brick choice and the bricks look even better cleaned!!
There is also the fascia and other colorbond items that have been delivered so hopefully there will be some more happening tomorrow!

Mum has a flex tomorrow so can go and visit to check on progress.

A close up of the cleaned bricks.
What do you think?
The bricks have been cleaned on the left, but not yet around the garage. The nice orange brick is what will be rendered! Just for those who may think that was Mums "bright" and creative choice. The orange is where Mum wants her Alligator Alley Green.

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  1. It's looking great guys. Loving the weather and the progress on both houses. Hope that there were some Grand Final winners in your house after last weekend :)