Friday, 26 August 2011

Bottom Storey Bricks- Check!

Well it has unfortately been more than 5 days to get the bottom level bricked. In fact it has taken 15 working days thanks to the rain! Well we think the rain is to blame. We have not received any communication from our SS or the company, except for the call to inspect the piering with the SS and the invoices that follow after something is completed. Is this standard practice? The Office and Accounts Administrator informed us in July that "Your supervisor will only make contact when something on site needs clarifying or for a scheduled site visit, he simply just keeps moving along with the works!" The SS has only contacted us the once  to do the piering!! No news is good new so they say.

We have never built a house before and really want to follow the progress and know what is going to happen next and learn from the experience. At this stage all we learn is what we observe on drive bys and from what other people put on their blogs. Then we get an invoice. The house behind us is a few weeks ahead of ours. So bascially whatever happens at theirs we know will soon be happening at ours. The houses either side of us are coming along too. Fences are in, land is cleared, slabs are in, frames are starting. Some of these are single storeys so they will probably be built before ours, which will be good to have extra people actually living in the neighbourhood.

The Bottom Storey almost finished on 17/8/11. Still the garage to do and the right side of house.

The back of the house on the 17/8/11 . Again still bits to go and the laundry door to the right has not been bricked yet nor the door installed??? The supports for the Alfresco are ready to go too. Lots of bricks there.

The house is looking great though...each visit is excting trying to find out what has been done.Dad goes past everyday just about. Mum goes every Wednesday after taking D3 to dancing at Kellyville Ridge with The Principal Dance Company, with the wonderful Miss Jess. D3 loves it. You can contact them on  or if you want to do dancing locally. Hopefully they can move into The Ponds new community centre by the time our house is built so it is even closer to home??

This was exactly one week later. The scaffolding is up but there are still areas that have not been finished. Would love to know the technical reason for leaving certain areas. Anyone want to let us know from their build?

This is on the 24/8/11. The scaffold is up. The lintels under the windows finished, but the garage and laundry still have more to go. Think they are waiting on more bricks?
So the bottom storey was completed today. All of the bricking had been finished and the window sills bricked in.The scaffolding is up and today all of the bricks were put up onto the scaffold for easy access. Dad spoke to the brick layers again today who are pretty friendly. They told Dad that the top bricking should be finished in about a week. Now does that mean a week of 7 working days? A week of wet Saturdays or a week as in a working week??? Didn't dare ask. Look we are still happy, there have only been two extensions to the contract. The grand total is approximately 2 weeks so all should still be on target. The weather is meant to be beautiful for the next week so hopefully that week will be a week.

Mum is visiting Blacktown City Councils Free Plant Giveaway tomorrow at Stanhope Gardens. It is next to the Leisure Centre from 9am til 1pm or until the plants go. Residents of Blacktown Local Government area are entitled to 2 free plants at this event. BUT you are only entitled to two PER HOUSEHOLD. Still good to start your landscaping Pondsies!!
Check it out!

So that is it for now. Hopefully next week we can do a blog showing our completed brickwork..then a roof andf gutters...well that is our guess and it is as good as any!

Might get mum to do some tile blogs, or dad to do some landscaping ones. Stay tuned.
Over and out!


  1. Carolyn, sorry I couldn't speak to you the other day, I was in a hurry to check on the floor before the installer left for the day. Please knock on my door when you go past again. My daughter said you were a very friendly lady.
    I know it seems that your bricking is taking ages but I'm sure you'll get there soon. I saw the SS visit your house the other day before the scaffolding went up. I enjoyed watching the scaffolding go up, it was quite a job for them actually. I didn't know it was so involved. Hang in there you'll be bricked soon.

  2. The house is looking great, the bricks will be finished soon and you'll have a roof too...Hope to see you guys soon and say hello on site..