Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The shell is completed.... we think??? Watch that speed hump!

Well it has been a long time between posts. There have been school holidays, soccer presentations, camping trips, coastal visits, work and lots of Body Shop parties in the interim. We the A-Z Family have been very busy and so have the builders..well sort of!!

Since the last post the roof tiles have gone on..ever so slowly. They were started on the 14 September and they are still not pointed and the roof above the front door entrance has not been tiled. Not sure what the hold up is/was as our SS has NO contact with us at all and we don't want to annoy him. Plus we were firmly told that he will not contact us unless there is a problem. Mum thinks there is a problem when the home owner has absolutely no idea what stage the build is up to or what is next. Dad just is thankful that some work is being undertaken. The tradies have been good at what they do and are very friendly when we see them on site. Dad is such an optimist.

Anyway, the roof tiling commenced on the 14 September so nearly one month ago. In that time the bricks were all cleaned on the 26th and the scaffold came down. The bricks look superb as we always knew they would. They were well worth the extra $$ to upgrade!

On the 29th September the garage roof and alfresco were tiled on the roof (the scaffold had to come down before that was undertaken- as it was in the way). There was a large stack of bricks left over from our build that were stacked on the neighbours property for weeks. Unfortunatley these have now dissapeared and we are a bit miffed as we would have loved to use these for our letterbox and garden edging etc..and pretty sure that we paid for them..excess or not!!

Our neighbour on the right (facing the street) has started and they are powering along we met the owner who will suffer dearly with three screeching girls living next door. Actually four if you count Mum! They have their framework up. On the left hand side they have had a fence installed and the site cleared. There was a lot of scaffold and our bricks stacked on their block and that was where Mum took her Alfresco shot from the back. so she will not be able to do that photo point anymore. We are happy for the neighbours to start building. The right is a single storey so they will probably be in before us. The left is a double storey like us...but hey they might be in before us too..... our build seems like it is going so slow. It has hit a speed hump! or so it seems.....hoping to meet the left side soon.

On the 3rd October the cladding above the Alfresco was installed. On our way to our annual camping trip to Del Rio Resert http://www.delrioresort.com.au/ for the October long weekend we drove past the house to see if anything had occured or if anything looked different!. It certainly did. It looked finished.We are not sure if it has been painted yet as the colour we chose is similar to the colour of the raw cladding and we cannot get in to see it up close. Oh and our SS doesn't advise us of any programmed work whatsoever!

The girls think the house looks great! They say that it "looks like a house now!" They have started talking about who they will have over first and what they will do and where they will play. They also talk about the pool which is back on the cards now that we finally have all of our updated inclusions tallied!! The dramas with the pool can have their own post. Stay tuned for that one!

The electrician has contact Dad and has met him on site weeks ago for a consultation. He is very informative and knowledgable and has helped us make some informed decisions. Mum and Dad both have a brother each who is a sparky so this was the only part we were not too worried about. But the subbie is so far a good tradesman and is meeting Dad tomorrow for the rough in. The same electrician did Phil and Bels and they were really happy with his work so fingers crossed he keeps it up. I am sure that he will. Hopefully it goes well and keeps the project rolling.

Not sure what comes after that??? Will update it all again tomorrow.

Over and out!

taken in September


  1. Carolyn, you sound frustrated. Must admit that I don't see many workman at your house. There was someone there today though, don't know what he did. We've been busy trying to do more of our landscaping. Hope to meet u soon.

  2. I would be super frustrated if I were you Carolyn and Phil would be going crazy. Matt must be very patient. I hope that they get their finger out and some things start happening at your place soon. We look into your alfresco / living area every time that we are there to see if your insulation has gone in or your gyprock up. We will let you know when we see it. Can't wait to hear about your pool story. It is something that I would like... although we will have to wait a year or two.